Residential Metal Roofing Services Near Sardinia, OH

Residential Metal Roofing Services Near Sardinia OH

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Residential Metal Roofing in Sardinia OH.

Winchester Roofing Company has the experience & expertise to repair, or replace your residential roofing or small industrial roofing near Sardinia OH.

Skillful Workmanship, Excellent Products & Quality People = Valuable Roofs & Happy Customers

We offer comprehensive residential roofing & small industrial roofing services in Sardinia, OH and surrounding areas.  

The roof on your residence or office is the most integral feature protecting it from the elements. Outfit your structure with high quality roofing materials when you call us at the Winchester Roofing Company. We bring the high quality roofing materials all the way to your roof!

We offer the following roof services: 

  • ENERGY STAR Roofing
  • Up to 40 year warranties
  • Metal roof repair, restoration, or replacement

Do you have an old roof that is getting worn out? Or maybe a storm came through and damaged your roofing? At any rate, your roof needs fixed!

But you don't want to climb a ladder to check on it. Don't wait until you have water coming through the ceiling to give us a call!

When you think that you have a roofing issue, call Winchester Roofing Company near Sardinia OH for your residential roof repair or replacement.

Explore the following metal roofing types for your home, office, store, or church:

  • Standing Seam Rib Profile
  • Performance Panel Rib Profile.            
  • R-Panel Rib Profile
  • ENERGY STAR rated metal roofing
  • 40 year metal and fastener warranty!

Metal Roofing Benefits~

Energy Efficiency~ Metal Roofing reflects the sun's heat away from the home, leading to energy savings of about 10% - 25%, and they can be  about 100 degrees cooler on the surface than a traditional Asphalt roof.

Longevity~ Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, depending on the material that is used. Traditional asphalt shingle roofing materials have an estimated life expectancy of roughly 12-20 years.

We also offer a 40 year Warranty on our Fasteners

REd Metal Roof

Ready to get your residential roof repaired or replaced near Sardinia OH?  Give us a call or send  us an email and we will come on out and give you an estimate.

Winchester Roofing Company near Sardinia OH is always happy to help you!

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